Sunday, December 12, 2010


                                        A Celebration
                                      Of Christ’s birth,
                                       Born to die, yes
                                      But to rise again,
                                               death could not hold him,

                                 And so we can celebrate,
                                            He lives,
                                 And because He lives
                                      We too can live

                                  The manger is empty,
                                  The cross is empty
                                  The Tomb is empty
                                  Because the Christ is risen
                                            Our redeemer
                                            Life giver
                                            Almighty God

                                      And so we celebrate

Christ was born, not to remain in a manger, helpless, needy, cute, a babe to be sentimental about. He was born God enfleshed. God chose to make Himself available to His creation, and chose the way we would most understand. He chose to be born, to live, and to face death. Only unlike us he lived without sin, and chose to relinquish His life on the cross. He chose not to destroy all of creation for laying their hands on His body to destroy His life. And, He chose all of this as His gift to mankind. Our greatest gift back is to accept His work on Calvary.

His work simply stated was : 
     God made Himself known to us in personal form.

     He wants us to know Him.

     God, the unapproachable holy creator, has made Himself 
     accessible though Jesus Christ - The Word became flesh
     and dwelt among us.

     God makes us acceptable by clothing us with His
     righteousness.  God makes us holy, and as much as He
     is a part of us, He has made us a part of Him.
     He is the head and we are His body.

To me this is the reason I rejoice -  that Christ was born. And at Christmas, for me it’s not lights, trees, presents, kindness and good cheer. Those things are for me the trappings that make the world be able to forget real purpose of His birth. To hide the truth of who the Babe is, and why he was born.

By His loving grace to me, I pray that I will show kindness and love all the year. That in remembering his blessed birth I will remember His gift to us. And rejoice in His great gift of life and love.