Wednesday, May 18, 2011

In Exodus 4 we have the story of Moses turning aside to see the bush that burned but was not consumed. I've heard modern “scholars” say it was probably just a flame from an underground tar pit. But God said it was an Angel. Anyway, have you ever heard a flame of tar speak?
As Moses got close that “burning bush” talked to him. Now this seems to be fairly unusual. Two mind blowing events – burning bush and talking bush. Yet, when this former “trained” prince of Egypt is asked by God of creation and the Universe to act for God to free the people Moses belonged to, this former firebrand starts with the excuses. Then God gives him several very powerful signs to back up his status and Moses continues arguing. Some speech issues apparently but God reassured him he was creator of His speech and could ably enable him.
However, with all of the stated help and direction Moses still argues with God. He blatantly says “Send someone else”.
Was it maybe he didn't want to disturb the even tenor of his life;
Leave the job He knew and was confident in;
Leave the home he'd made for himself and his family;
Take on the responsibility for other peoples lives?
But whom am I to criticize. How often do I do this very same thing less obviously. Where do I ignore the voice of the Lord in my life – putting it aside as not that important, even arguing against what I feel He is saying.
How much I fight the place I am in right now – no job, no money for things I feel I need, issues walking, being careful of my mom.  This however is where God has placed me right now. Why can't I accept this place God has me in. I rage, I am overeating. Who am I punishing – me or God. I think I'm trying to hasten death deliberately and with purpose to try and get out of this place God has me in.
Forgive me Lord. Help me to take the steps necessary even if they are hard – take this place I'm in as your plan for me.  Respond to this place I'm in as an act of love unto you.

Exodus 5
As a result of Moses asking the Pharaoh to let the people go and worship their God, the slaves were given heavier tasks – seemingly impossible requirements. And as a result, the people he came to save also turned on him.
I've made the same response Moses made. “I did what you told me to do God, and you didn't come through. Things are worse now than before.”
But, what we humans don't get is that God isn't human. How He does things are different than we expect. Our problem is we have expectations about every thing and when those 'expectations' are not met we immediately decide God has failed us.
We don't even begin to see that what happens was part of God's plan – as for the Israelite's in Egypt. We miss it 'cuz we are focused on the apparent negative outcome to our prayers.
All of God's plans and purposes comes with things we have to do it seems. Like:
*Being obedient;
*Getting out of “Egypt”; we have to take the action called for to 'get out' i.e. for me diet. As long as I say I cannot, it's too hard, I'm stuck in Egypt.
*Growing up by embarrassing the hardship with thanksgiving; the time in the wilderness gaining strength for the battle. And did the Israelites take into account the cloud that covered them by day and the pillar of fire by night? And do I take into account God's mercy in my situation,His making my journey easier – covering my weakness?
* The battle on arrival; do I take into count there will be battles there, in order to win the land.
Some of the 'easy salvation' men and women are being fed in some churches make it seem God is just our 'sugar daddy', that we just need to learn the right  steps to manipulate him to our will.

But God wants companions, those who love him, and who rejoice in his love, and who trust He had good plans for us – and that He desires our loving obedience.