Tuesday, September 27, 2011

God's child

In pondering my place in
the household of the
Creator/Originator /
Lord God Almighty
I saw how for me, and for all mankind, it was not our
hunt for and finding him but:

He  loved me - fallen, sinful, rebellious, unworthy, needy:
He pursued me - giving me shafts of light and great joy, showing Himself to my heart:
He created in my heart a longing I could not fill with all my efforts:
He then began to show me He was the only shape to fill that  longing:
He gave me the option to open the door to Him:  But know, He made that door between us and Him.
His love is breathtaking.  Yet he has offered me a way to walk intimately with Him, to approach him as ABBA or in modern language - DADDY.   I love my father, my home, my family - all His gift.