Saturday, July 20, 2013

Comment on quote by R C Sproul and message by him.

R C Sproul   - in one of his messages on the Holiness of God:

"Sin is cosmic treason"

All sin, every sin committed is attacking God's soverignity.

So often, as stated in his message   Justice and Grace, I have come to take God's grace in my life as my  right - and even feel anger if I begin to 'feel' God is not  living up to my expectations of his grace.

If God gave me justice for all my acts of rebellion direct, or just "doin' it my way" independence I would NOT be well, or maybe even alive today.   But, I have experienced incredible mercy and grace, His lovingkindness and forgiveness of sins, all of which, at the bottom line are directly against Him.  

LORD God,  thank you for your grace.