Saturday, July 23, 2016

Faith and Fear

Walk into the unknown

In our daily walk with Christ says, "fear not".  But the truth, in my own life, is s struggle with fear and anxiety.

I have been repenting and begging the LORD's forgiveness.  I know He is with me, but I look around and see men and women suffering ill health, financial stress and other things they are unable to change.

When I was younger I trusted the LORD's care for me.  But I also trusted  in my own ability to shape the events in my life - a steady job, medical care, smart choices.   I knew that not all my choices were the best but I was sure they were not that detrimental to my life.

Now I am facing the fact I no longer have the strength, stamina or steam to be "in control".  Also, it is clear that other believers suffer in their lives so why should I think I am exempt.   Also, that many of those "small and unimportant" choices have major results.  And so I am afraid of what life may hold for me.

In prayer I had a vision of that poem of being carried by the LORD in hard places but it was not really answering my fear.  Then the image came to my mind as I've observed my son and daughter-in-law currently parenting their little baby.

That baby cannot change any aspect of his life except by cries when hungry or wet and smiles when he is comfortable.   He is not in charge of his clothes, his food, his comfort.  He depends totally on his parents and others who may care for him.  I rejoice that he is lovingly cared for.   But this picture has lodged in my heart for my life in Christ.   Yes, I do all I am able to in my life as the LORD has created me to do.  But the picture in my mind is, like a baby I am, in and through it all, carried, like a baby by the LORD.  All is in and under his care.

These two verses I found looking up the word to carry.  Isaiah 40:11 ESV
But not alone
          He will tend his flock like a shepherd; he              will gather the lambs 
          in his arms; he will carry them in his                    bosom  and gently lead those that are 
         with young.
         and Isaiah 46:3b - 4.   ESV
          ....who have been borne by me from before          your birth, carried  from the womb;  
         even to your old age I am he, and to gray              hairs I will carry you.  
         I have made and I will bear. I will carry
        and will save.

Yes, there are many more scriptures to cement this picture but this image in my own heart has brought comfort and renewed hope and trust.