Wednesday, June 26, 2019

LIfe in Christ Jesus, our Savior.

I have given some thought regarding atheists. 

I think all who  have rejected God have done so because they don't want a God to tell them what to do.   That seems to be nub of it.    They truly want to do all things "my way".

In God's working in our lives He in Old Testament  gave 10 commandments, that He set in place to give mankind the best life possible if they followed.  This was, in New Testament was jelled down to 2 commandments.
      1.  Thou shalt love the LORD thy
           God with ALL thy heart, soul, 
           strength  and mind,
      2.  And Thou shalt love thy
               neighbor as thyself.   
           ( treat them according to how
             you would like to be treated )

Many places in scripture  God has promised his hand of protection when we serve Him. Not free of pain, suffering or hard times but His hand on us and with us.

Yes we are all sinners but in fact, we are empowered  with choices.  God didn't say they would be easy choices,  but they were such that we can chose to do them.   

We are NOT slaves unable to chose how we live. We have, from the beginning been free to chose our actions.  We do need however, the Lord's help to guide,  keep and enable us  to do what is righteous.

Those famous atheists who say there is NO God do so knowing full well there is a God, but wanting/hoping/trying to wipe God out of the world by claiming He is NOT.  They don't want anyone telling them what they can or cannot do. They have the belief they have the right to do whatever they wish - and NO ONE can deny them that right.   Of course, the bottom line is, in the end death can and will stop all mankind everywhere.  We all have a limit to how long we will live.

However, God has also said there would be a final judgment  for ALL mankind.  God has the last word.   
All will face judgment but we have been promised eternity with Him if 
we accept his Son to be our Savior 
and LORD.  In that contract is the trust and belief that in fact Jesus 
was the Son of God who died, and 
who ROSE UP from death to give us life in and through Christ, if we 
turn to Him and ask Him to come 
into our lives.   Not to live our lives according to our will and desires 
but in love for what HE did for us, 
to serve Him and walk in obedience 
to His instructions.  His instructions, that if lived by will give us the BEST life here on earth.  

So we live our lives out of faith and love for the great gift the LORD 
God Almighty has given us, the death and resurrection of his son, to pay for our sins. And we have the hope in salvation to spend eternity in the presence of God our heavenly Father.