Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I was at a crossroad -
Before me lay a choice
One, a narrow road, hard
steep and rough,
going to a glorious, promised end;
in between lay many hardships
so much pain,
or so it seemed,
looking up and seeing
only a stony path, steep climb,
and terrible cliffs, obscured by fog.

The other road was broad,
well traveled, filled with
light, comfort,
there were no obstacles.
There was the promise of
unimagined pleasures
along the way,
or so it seemed,
looking down.

Just briefly the
color shifted and revealed
a dark and frightening
scene far ahead,
It was so far away
and the sight seemed only
a thought.
I was probably imagining
the rumored end
was not pleasant.
But that was not certain.

the end was so far off,
the reports uncertain
They could be wrong.

Well -
I would try each one for awhile,
I would choose on the basis of
what I found myself.

But the sign -
No, I won't read it again
It forces me,
I can't
I must.................

"Choose now, You can't know
which will be the last crossroad!"

I looked back the way I'd
come, thinking to return,
to not have to decide, but lo,
the path was gone - Behind there was

I was poised on the
edge of nothing -
and only two roads ahead.

I sat down and cried,
cried for the lonely
disappointing past

Cried for the longing
to continue awhile longer
down that broad and easy path

Cried because I wanted to go up,
take the steep, narrow pathway,
but fear clutched my heart.
I could only see a few steps
and they so difficult.

Then, through my tears
I saw a little above me,
at a bend in the road
a lamb,
whiter than white,
pure and holy,
perfect - and
Eyes filled with
strong and sweet love.

Around Him light shone out
I could see the path
clearly to go to Him.

I looked to my feet, to
place them on that pathway.
I took a few timid steps.
Still scared and unsure.

I looked up to find
He was leaning toward me
The love in his eyes was
love for me,
And calling out I bound
up the pathway.
I looked up again and
found he had move up
a bit, to a bend in
the road.

I saw however, that
in His foot steps
there was blood.
It trickled down to my feet -
covered my toes -
It healed my fear.
My heart cried out in love.

I knew the steps would
ever lead me to Him,
That He was ahead,
And though I could not always
see Him, I felt his presence.
I knew He was there

And more, I knew as long
as I followed in His footsteps
I was safe.

The colors encircling me
were like shimmering diamonds,
and rubies, and emeralds.
And so I followed in shrouded
in light and color,
and didn't notice the chasms
on either side of the path.
Or the boulders
I had to climb over.
I grew tired, but was at peace.
I wasn't lonely,
I knew He was with me,
I even began to hear His
voice directing my steps,
and speaking of His
love for me, and letting me
know His heart.

I do not know the next steps,
But I knew now, deep within me
this was the true way,
the only way
HIS way.

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