Saturday, December 10, 2011


Nov 25th, Mom's 95th birthday

I was changing
the sheets on Mom's bed this morning.  The grumpy thought that came into my mind was "Does she even notice?" 

But immediately following that I
remembered the verse I'm learning this week. 

      And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord,
     and not unto men; Knowing that of the Lord ye shall 
     receive the reward of the inheritance: for ye serve
     the Lord Christ. Colossians 3:23, 24 KJV
             (I love other versions to read but still prefer the poetry of  the King James version for memorization.)

I felt reminded that on one level the clean sheets were for my mom, but on the true level it was as though I was making the Lord's bed.   I know, a bit weird but.....

Then I began to remember.  I learned to like clean sheets because that was what my mom did when we were kids.  I can remember her commenting she loved  getting into clean sheets.  And I remembered all the sheets I would take off the clothes line.  I loved winter dried sheets.  They would come off stiff as cardboard and when I laid them down in the house in seconds they would go super soft and oh, even as a child I LOVED that smell of clean sheets off the line.  I do not remember changing the sheets on my bed as a youngster so then I thought - how many times did mom change the sheets on my bed and I never noticed. 

Then I remembered that when I was about 11 or 12 thinking mom spent the whole day just reading and enjoying herself.  I never acknowledged and doubt ever thanked mom for clean clothes, for food cooked and the dresses she made me.  I thought Dick and I did all the work 'cuz on Saturdays I had to wash the floors - on my hands and knees.  Mops were not a part of Mom's viewpoint on house keeping.  I remember doing dishes and hanging out washed clothes and ironing my own dresses.  I seem to have thought I did all the real work.  What I felt as all this flashed through my mind was a deep pain in my heart that I had hurt my mom with my, I realize now, what must have been sullen behavior and lack of love for her. 

This began to break up one terrible night when I was reading and mom told me I needed to get the dishes done.  I cannot believe my words to her.  My mom was not someone  I EVER sassed.  I raged at her, "You only had me to do all the work."  I'm sure I said more but that was the essence of what I said.  Mom just turned away and left me sitting on the couch reading.  It was terrible.  I was waiting for her to 'take me out.'  I realize now she could have justifiably told me my bad attitude was the real problem and other related things. 

Next I heard her doing the dishes.  Truth to tell, I didn't read another word.  I was stricken and started sobbing.  Then after the dishes were finished mom came back and brought me a cup of tea (unheard of) and loved me.  This is the mom I was privileged to have.  Yes, she expected us kids to do work as a part of growing up and she  wasn't a 'singing in the kitchen'  type of person.  But she was straight and true and honorable in the most real sense of the word.

She taught me so much that I am glad I know.  She imparted the ethics of good workmanship. And,one thing more, that only now am I remembering.  She didn't go around with a bad attitude about how hard life was on her or how she was not getting a fair deal. I don't remember my mom complaining about the hard things.  

I found I had forgotten what a good mom she was in the stress of daily issues.

Mom, thank you for the woman you were, and even now, in a hard place yourself and without the aid of consciousness to direct what you do, you are still a woman of integrity.  How blessed I am.

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