Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Situation Ethics

I see America becoming a nation that celebrates death not life.  The lifestyle lived by many is what was called "situation ethics" in the 1970's.  The situation determinds what you choose to do.  I was deeply affected by this philosophy or mind set and began to live my life on the creed "I will do what I want, when I  want and how I want" with the stated view that it was okay as long as I was willing to live with the results of my choices.  I now am aware that if I had suffered the full penalty of my actions and choices my life would have been of all mankind, most miserable.  And the fact of the matter is,  God mercifully gives us the option of repenting - and greater still forgiveness for sins for which we have repented.

I had a strong ethical /Biblical background which, by God's grace held me back from some of the choices I could have made, but certainly not all.  There were too many choices that brought hurt and pain to others first, and less pain than I deserved, to myself.  And all of this was done as "a christian" (notice I did not capitalize that designation in this instance) not as one who did not believe in God, nor in the Savior Jesus Christ.  So, in that way, it was, in me,  a deliberate action against a God I said I believed in. 

Today I see a world that has moved beyond "I'll take responsibility for my choices" to seeking to force the whole nation, and the world to accept as a right my choices, and the generation that started out with "Situation Ethics" began to make laws that state their choices made lawful.  Moreover,  to not agree  is now held by many to be the real evil.

So, I find that we are living in a world today which seeks stridently to kill the voice of God in their lives.

Abortion kills a living being.  You can say whatever you want about your RIGHTS over you own body but the fact is that that entity in your body has a heartbeat.  You may not be able to discern it but life doesn't start for that living being on physical birth.  It is murder therefore, plain and simple to deliberately take the life of that child growing in your womb. 

It can be scary to carry a child because of your  choices or even being forced to have a sexual  encounter, but the child that grows in your body is a living and innocent entity.  I faced the result of my own wrong choices and I considered abortion.  This became the point in my life where I started to seek God's way, and God's choices over my own.  I spent several days on the work bench before the Lord facing the issue.  At the time abortion was NOT legal so it would have been both murder and against the law.  By God's grace, I chose to have that baby, though I was frightened of what life as a single mom would be.  It also was affecting my parents and who knows how many others.  I was terrified. 

For whatever reason, that baby self aborted and at the time I was relieved.  But ever since  I have longed to know that little child I carried for awhile in my body. He has walked with me.  I wish I had not been afraid, and that I had borne that child alive to birth and beyond.

So yes, having charge of a life you didn't plan on is terrifying and hard.  But it is a life, not a choice. 
In the current laws of the USA it is not seen as murder.  So we can with no fear take the life which cannot protect itself.  What will the next step be?    A culture of death has been born.

And the next big "culture of death" we are living with is same sex unions.   It is saying to God, who made man and woman to come together, and create a child - Your way doesn't please me.   As a defiance of God it's a sin.  No greater or lessor sin  than any other sin.  But a nation that demands that this "lifestyle" be recognized as a holy union,  is establishing that a culture of death is the desired result.   It is a sterile union.  If you want a child you have to take the child born of a union of male sperm and female egg uniting.  It can NEVER be the result of  two of the same sex being 'intimate'.  And even here, the sexual act is never the real thing.  Yes, you can obtain the orgasm but not ever can your interaction create a life.

 Even if you cloned yourself in a laboratory, the best you would have is death because the clone could not reproduce.  We see this in many forced unions in the animal kingdom.  Even in the plant world, man has genetically created new "roses" for one, but have you noticed that NOT one of those genetically altered things has the scent of a real rose.

These to me are two of the more telling actions which which Satan has deceived the world.  His desire is to destroy God. He cannot touch God so he strikes at what God has created.  Satan  is not a god but a created being.  His character is to steal, kill and destroy and we are in his kingdom when we pursue ways of death, destruction and murder in our own personal life choices. 

I see many who claim Christ as their LORD and Savior stating firmly that these two laws in our land today are right.  As God's children, we need to quit listening to the lies of Satan and begin to seek the kingdom of God.    The God who chose us before the foundation of the world. 

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