Sunday, February 17, 2013

A.T. PIERSON quote

Below is a quote from his writings about the Lord Jesus Christ, the son of the most High God.  It has been slightly rearranged for readability.   

A. T. Pierson, [Before Spurgeon died, he asked AT Pierson to take his place. Modern Missions Pioneer]

This precious Book tells us of one who resigned the throne and crown of heaven, exchanged the radiant robe of the universal King for the garment of a servant, descended to death, condescended to human want and woe and wickedness, lay in a lowly cradle in a cattle stall at Bethlehem, and hung upon a cross of shame of Calvary, that even those who crucified Him might be forgiven. Can you span the chasm between the throne of a universe and that cross? A crown of stars and a crown of thorns? The worship of the host of heaven and the mockery of an insulting mob? … There is nothing like it in history, not even in fable.
How can we understand … ? A man with human infirmities, without human sin or sinfulness; poor, yet having at His disposal universal riches; weak and weary, yet having the exhaustless energy of God; unable to resist the violence and insults of His foes, yet able to summon legions of angels at a word or wish; suffering, yet incapable of anything but perfect bliss; dying, yet Himself having neither beginning of days or end of years?

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