Monday, October 28, 2013

The 2nd man Adam

Jesus, the only begotten son of God  came as a man.

The first man Adam had every advantage. He had only one  "don't" in all the universe - yet the appeal to be "like God, knowing good and evil" was his  undoing.

Then in the fullness of time Christ came, born a man in a fallen world where sin was the norm. His shared advantage with Adam was that he was not born with the sin nature.  And like Adam, with his sinless nature, his major obedience lay in obeying the voice of his Father.  But, like us, Jesus faced a world filled with sin and all it's temptations.  Tempted by the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life.  However he did what Adam failed to do, he lived without sinning.

I cannot even imagine how a sinless life would look. This awes me.

Moreover, part of his pressure was rejection  because his very life spoke to the unrighteousness in those around Him. At least it's a part of the pressure of our world around us today when we seek to walk in God's paths.

The expression  "Oh, don't be a holy Joe" or some form of that is the direct response to someone seeking to make righteous choices in the face of  temptations. Such choices are scary because of the rejection that we face.  We love the LORD but we also want to be acceptable by our peers and those whose approval we desire in our

The life of Christ is not teaching us if we try hard enough we can also live a sin free life, but that because he did so live, when He gave his life on the cross, his sacrifice was sufficient

His death  was sufficient to cover our sins.  And because death is the curse of Sin, once Christ's death was accomplished, and that only because our sins held him in death, when his sacrifice accomplished it's work, death could not keep him.  He arose from death unto eternal life.  His finished work is that now,  when we open the door of our life to his knocking, and repent of our sins and accept his covering for our sin, his life makes it possible for our sins to be forgive.   He, the righteous sacrifice is sufficient for my salvation.

His great love makes my heart explode with joy and gratitude.  I THANK YOU OH LORD.  There is no praise great enough I can give you that can fully express how amazing your gift of Salvation is, for me, and for all who will listen to, hear, and answer the knocking of the Savior on the door of our lives.  
     Revelation 3: 20    
Behold, I stand at the door and knock.
 If anyone hears my
     voice and opens the door, 
I will come in to him 
and eat with him 
and he with

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