Friday, August 29, 2014

Thank YOU LORD for who you are,

Psalm 145:8-9  (ESV)

The LORD is gracious and
slow to anger, and
 abounding in steadfast love
The LORD is good to all, 
and his mercy is
 over all that he has made.

     Thank you LORD for your proactive goodness to your creation.  
     You know how often I get disgruntled and forget these truths. How often you are merciful when I have lived my own life and gone my own way without remembering all I have and am is because of you.   
     I have become aware that I have casually accepted the good things in my life as my right or even called it "My good LUCK"   Luck is attributing good given by some chance that the universe arbitrarily hands out. 
    God does nothing by chance.  He deliberately gives us his LOVE,MERCY and great GOODNESS.  
Thank you LORD God.

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