Friday, February 20, 2015

We often think of O.T. Prophets as showing a God who is mean and vengeful, and  against  his own chosen people.  What we too easily forget is that God, when rejected by his people, who didn't just go their own way, but deliberately broke his commands and worshiped other gods.  All God did, was let them have their own way, but without his hedge of protection keeping them protected from   enemies that they were already flirting with.  Moreover, they felt their security lay in their own strength - declaring to the world their self-sufficiency.   Even when God warned them by his prophets that  they were in danger and needed to turn back to him, they responded with a resounding NO.

Go forward  around 2,500 years to the USA today, we are a nation who has come more and more to see our strength and safety lies in our "self sufficiency: We feel that our 'might" makes all we do or desire our right.  Our culture has moved steadily away from God's ways.  In fact we say our choices are our right.  And God's ways are obsolete and irrelevant.  Are we walking into a life where God withdraws his hedge  of protection over America?  

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Anonymous said...

Amen to that. insightful and scary.