Monday, April 20, 2015

Words of Inspiration from Harold E Dye's "The Weaver"

I read "The Weaver" by Harold E Dye in the mid-60's as a teen in high school and loved it.  It was a borrowed book and I looked for years to find a copy to own.  I was delighted to find and buy a copy and am so enjoying re-reading  it 55 years later.

The story line is the weaving of Navajo rugs, the colors used, and what those colors in the rug signify In the chapter "Tracing the Design" this statement resonated very strongly with me.

"We are all of us weavers.  Each has the same loom: the loom of life.  Each has the same shuttle: the shuttle of time.  

Each has some threads at his disposal: qualities of mind and heart and spirit.  Each in his own way, each in his own day, weaves his own pattern, for better or for worse.  We do not all weave with the same degree of skill or conscientiousness.  

Some get the thread all tangled, knotted or broken and the ultimate design seems as lacking in sense as surrealistic art while others, inspired by the guiding fingers of the heavenly Artist, weave the pattern beautifully and well.  Rich or poor, foolish or wise.....................  we belong to the ancient guild of weavers, and we trace out our designs against the backdrop of eternity."

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