Friday, December 4, 2015

Who is Jesus?

Who is Jesus?  copyright Connie Jones Prince Dearden 2015
                                           used by permission
The reason of our celebration of Christmas
Our LORD Jesus Christ's birth 

The baby in the manger          
The Saviour on the Cross
Creator of the universe
Seeker of the lost.

The Mighty God among us
Emmanuel - His name
Wonderful - Counselor
Every day the same.

Jesus the Good Shepherd
Who dearly loves His sheep
The Everlasting Father
At times, we make Him weep.

He is the Good Samaritan
The judge of all the Earth
We are precious to Him -
Knows us before our birth.

Jesus is coming back again
This is our blessed hope
Until then, we'll carry on
As He gives us strength to cope.

Jesus is the Prince of Peace
The one of whom we sing
King of Kings and Lord of lords

Ms. Connie Dearden is a poet, songwriter, artist and author.   I am privileged to be allowed to use this poem she wrote.

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