Friday, August 11, 2017

Am I failing to see the Miraculous gifts of God in my own life?

In reading throughout the Bible we find many references to divine miracles.   Yet again and again we find that these miracles didn't seem to have impact enough to cause many of those who experienced them to  believe more strongly in the LORD.   Especially right now as I read Exodus I see how again and again God acted for the people and in the next hard place their constant refrain is "why didn't you leave us to die in Egypt where we had all the comforts of life.   They wanted to go back to slavery .

I found myself  thinking "why are they so stupid not to see what God has done miraculously for them"  Then it occurred to me to consider my own life. How often do I overlook the divine interactions and gifts in my own life.   I tend to think "oh, that is  nice how it all worked out."  Or  even  "Nothing ever goes the way I want it to for me".   Not looking beyond my greed and selfishness to see that this was s splendid answer from the LORD or revealed something of His great love and care for my good, because I WANTED MY WAY.    I am still working through this but that is what I am pondering today.

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