Thursday, September 28, 2017

God meets us when we call upon Him.

Python my dad shot on the hill by our house
I have had something on my heart and mind.  When I was going on 5 years old my parents went to the country then known as Tanganyika.    As a child I became very early on fearful of several things.  Snakes,  Fire,  and being alone,

There were some other things also but those became very big to me.  Then one night I dreamt that I had 'found' a tunnel with rooms that I could hide in away from all those fearful things and I was able to be there alone.   No one else knew how to get in.
green mamba I stepped on.  My brother killed it.

So started a life of creating a place in my imagination of refuge.  Yes, I learned Bible verses and was taught about the Christ who died for me to save me but somehow it never occurred to anyone to ever mention that I remember, that Christ was a place of refuge.   And by the time I learned it I had a habit of living much of my life in my imagination - peopling my dreams with friends who cherished me, and wealth and a perfect life.

In my mid-teens I made a commitment to the LORD Jesus Christ as my Savior and by then understood what it meant.   But though I loved the LORD Jesus Christ, and believed in Him I could not give up the pleasure of my daydreams.  I even sought to quit my day-dreaming, by the power of my will but  was so immersed in it I could not.  
The morning after our kitchen burned down.

I began to have a growing knowledge how detrimental it was in my life.  There came a day in sheer anguish I asked the LORD to deliver me, and set me free.  Not my work but His work.

And He did.   It has changed my own inner life and I believe has done a work in my outer life. 

Thank you Father.  

Day dreaming is not a positive thing in our lives.   It prevents us from living in life and in the present and seeking God's ways.  At least that was how it was in my life.   


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