Wednesday, November 14, 2018

I will arise

I will arise  
I will arise and go
I will arise and go
to my father's house

I am oh so unworthy,
yet maybe He'll 
let me serve Him
Let me work for Him
as a servant.
My work of redemption.

On the road I look
toward my old home.
Lo and behold, I  saw my father
On the road looking
Up the road toward me
And I saw hope spring into His eyes, 
And a look filled with love.

Then I saw my Father running,
My Father was running
Running with arms outstretched
Running to me

My heart leapt out to Him
I stumbled on the road, 
trying to run to Him
My heart was ashamed,
I was afraid.

Then, I felt His arms around me
He held me close.
I fell down and kissed his feet.
Clinging to Him 
I washed his feet with my tears.

But my Father lifted me up
and held me close to his heart
His eyes of love
shown into mine,
My Child, you were dead and
are alive again.

My father called out 
Bring shoes 
Bring the best robe
Bring the Ring,
The ring of belonging,
establishing my place.
Prepare a feast.
My child has returned

It was not my good deeds
Not my greatness
Not my value and worth
being honored, but
His amazing love.

And with the great joy
the celebration lifted me up,
Lifted me up on wings of
great undeserving forgiveness.
It was nothing good, I had done.
It was all my Father.

All I am,                        
All I have is: 
His gift,
His love,
His work
That gives me life

I only learned later 
the price HE paid
For my gift of sonship,
of forgiveness
Mercy and love.

The price for my life
was His death on 
A cross of shame
For my sins.

But even all the sins of
the world could not hold
the creator, the LORD 
of Glory,
The mighty God of Heaven 
And earth in death.

He arose,
He is alive
His death bought my         
life, and His life 
gave me my place
in Him.

Thank you Father.

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