Thursday, August 8, 2019

God's plans completed

Satan has feared the people of the Jewish nation as a people blessed by God and understood and that through them he would be destroyed.   He has sought to destroy them first.

In the times of the Pharaoh in Egypt he thought making them slaves would kill them off, they would be too tired to procreate.   When that didn't work he incited the Pharaoh to not allow any boys to live, only girls, hoping to kill off the promised seed that way.  In all their hardships in Egypt there were those who held onto God as seen in the midwives.  So a people suffering didn't turn against the LORD God Almighty.

Altogether, the people of the Jewish nation have been very blessed in intelligence and ability, perhaps beyond all other nations.   This has been hated by Satan who though he didn't succeed in destroying God's purpose for them, hates them because they were God's chosen instrument to bring his only Son into the world.

God's plans to date have been completed and I believe his final purpose will stand.  Praise you LORD God Almighty

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