Friday, December 26, 2014

Eyes unvailed!

Shepherd's watching saw with eyes unveiled.  

I heard this comment on a message but cannot remember which one.   But it stopped me short.   Yes. I do forget this truth in the ordinary days of my life. 

Yes, Heavenly beings are  always there, Some for good.  Some not.   

But the greater thing is that  God's presence always there.  Even if we could see, we likely would not see Him but He is there.

The truth of life is it is our eyes that are veiled.  This veiling is, for me personally a blessing.  I believe it would make me focus on the Heavenly Being and not actually live in the present life God has called us to.   And whether I see the Heavenly Beings or not I know they are there.  It is God's gift to us to give us extra spiritual  aid, protection and comfort.

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