Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Where do you live?  In a house of brick, stone or timber on this street or on that avenue?   No.  You live in a home men never see.   The real temple is in your own heart, and on its walls by the brush of fancy and imagination are painted the pictures that is really your life..  This temple of our hidden thoughts life has sublime thoughts, and evil thoughts,  Every one of us has an observatory which looks outward and upward toward heaven and the stars, and every one, too, has a ladder which leads down to hell.

The hidden world of imagination and thought is the real life and the real world because,  in the first place, it is the sincere and actual life.  There good is done for the sake of good, evil for the sake of evil.  There no considerations of fear or shame hold us back.  There are no thoughts of what another will say or think, or what effect this will have upon our prospects and our prosperity.  In this hidden realm there is no shamming or pretending.  There we are exactly what we are.

On a church board was found this message.  You are not what you think you are.  You are what you think.  As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.   Taken from Strange Texts but Grand Truths by Clarence E. Macartney.

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