Thursday, March 29, 2018


I sat at the crossroads
and before me lay a choice
one, a narrow road,
steep, rough, hard
going to a “good” promised end;
yet in between
lay all the hardships
ever mortal could conceive,
or so it seemed,
looking up and seeing
only a treacherous narrow path
in the fog obscured.

The other road was broad,
well worn, provided
with sunlight and ease,
and all that could
give pleasure along the way,
or so it seems.
Yet, looking down

just briefly it seemed the   
color was wrong, unreal,   
gaudy,    and a faint rumor 
of sorrow and pain;  
but the end was far off and
the reports uncertain -
they could be wrong.


 Well – I would try each one
for awhile, and choose            
on the basis of what
I found myself

But the sign -
No, I won't read it again.
It forces me.
I can't.
I must....................


I look back,
thinking to return
the way I'd come, 
to not have to decide,
But that path is gone -
behind is an infinite
I am on the edge of nothingness with only                         the two roads before me.

I sit down crying
       for the lonely,                         
       disappointing past,
       for the longing to
       continue on the broad
       easy road,
       for fear.

I wanted to take the steep, narrow 
road, but was afraid
the path did not reveal more than a few steps ahead, 
and those rough and hard
 and no visible pleasures to be experienced.

I looked up trying to see more
I thought my tears had                     
blinded my vision

A little above me,
on the curve in the
mountain path,
stood a new born lamb

White, whiter than white,
and perfect – but
the lamb had the eyes of a man,
filled with love
around him was light -
and I could see to go to him -
I looked to my feet to
place them on that road.

I looked up again
He had moved further up
and was dim – but in
his steps there was blood. 
It trickled down to my feet
and covered my toes,
and I knew I could follow.
I understood that
with each step up
He was ahead.

Though only one step      
was visible at a time,
where I stepped, it was into
glorious light.
The colors were brilliant, alive 

I grew tired, and rested,
surrounded by a strange peace      
I could not be lonely as
long as I followed.
I knew he was there, ahead,
even though I could not see him and I slowly came to hear his quiet words.

I don't know the next step       
but I've found I can trust
in the Son of God,  
the Son of Man before me.

In Him I am held forevermore,
Kept close to his heart and

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