Monday, June 4, 2018

Petition in Faith by Terry Tucker Francis

A poem I found in a Guidepost book of inspirational messages.   I liked it very much.   It spoke to my heart.   I tried to find the author, Terry Tucker Francis,  on line but though I found several people with the name of the poem's author I just was not sure.  I hope if she sees this she will forgive me for publishing her work without her direct permission.

Petition in Faith
Terry Tucker Francis

I am empty, Lord: fill me;
Sick with sorrow: heal me;
Blinded by wordly ways: show me;
I rush into foolishness, Lord: slow me;

Like an earthy garden, Lord, I need
You to tend me;
Like a garment worn and torn, mend me;
Like an empty cup fill me till I overflow
With Your loving goodness, Lord,
So all the world may know;

That I was empty Lord, and You filled me;
Sick with sorrow, yet You healed me;
Blinded with worldly ways, until you came to show me
That the only way to peace, dear Lord,
Is to know thee.

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