Monday, February 18, 2019

How to choose a partner for life - a very limited snapshot

I've been thinking of things important in a life time partner choice. Things I had been taught but when my heart got entangled chose to ignore. Praise the LORD he over ruled but sometimes we deliberately chose to go ahead anyway, because of our emotional / sexual response to someone. IT will not work out for our good – ever.

Someone suggested putting taking these characteristics and applying them to the 'beloved one'. I Cor 13: 4 1. Love is patient and 2. kind; 3. does not envy or 4. boast; 5. not arrogant or 6. rude.
7. does not insist on its own way; 8. is not irritable or 9. resentful; 10. does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth.

None of us are perfect in these. Some come to pass naturally by our nature. Some learned by our commitment to the LORD. But all that come to us is a result of God's commitment to us and his guiding of us, if we will allow him.

So some of the things that caused me to come to love my husband.

  1. He treated his mom with love.
  2. He LOVED interacting with children and they all loved him back.
  3. He loved the LORD and that included being in the house of the LORD when there were meetings. We did some of our dating in fact going to hear special speakers.

This have all continued and been a mainstay of our home. But I believe the real strength of our marriage together has been His commitment to the LORD. We didn't have a perfect understanding of each other and I have found it is harder to see ones own shortcomings. ARG! We had hard times, and times of repentance for things we sinned in against the other one, but the mainstay of the LORD was and is central to the LORD Jesus Christ in our lives.  

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