Saturday, October 15, 2011

All I am He has given

II Peter 1:1 (ESV)
     Simeon Peter, a servant and apostle of Jesus Christ,
         To those who have obtained a faith of equal
         standing with ours by the righteousness of our God
         and Savior Jesus Christ:

I love how Peter speaks of fellow believers, as having equal standing  in their faith, with the apostles. 

And, understanding that faith is obtained, given to us by the righteousness of Christ, and not faith drummed up by our efforts,  gives me hope.  It is  totally NOT my work.

We often describe our own salvation today as though we felt a need, and were looking for the LORD, and we finally ran him down and it was all a result of our faith. 

But, I'm seeing more and more clearly he made salvation available to us. He died for our sin, which separates us from the Father. Then he sought us.  He knocks on our door saying, I'm here,  won't you open the door and invite me in. (Revelation 3:20), and then he gives us the faith we need to open the door.  IT is ALL of him. 

God originally created mankind for fellowship, and for our worship.  We chose to be independent and do our own thing.  But he, knowing there was NO way for us to reconnect with him, made an way - bought for us by God's only begotten son accepting His Father's will and making the payment for our sin.  That sin killed the only begotten son of God.  But because the sin could not get any grip on the sinless son of God, it couldn't hold him in death.   As the sin of the world was paid for it was thrown off,  and Christ overcame death.  

Then, after making a way for us to come to him,  God sought us out. 

He had made a way for us to enter his presence, as adopted children. More, he gave us the faith we needed  to  accept his gift. And when we opened the door to him, he dressed us in His robes of Righteousness so we were able to be His - a loved child in the family. 

So we see God's original plan being fulfilled.  WOW! 

Just so, all his plans and purposes are being and will be fulfilled. 

What hope; what glory; what unending joy; what safety is ours in him.


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