Saturday, October 1, 2011

Global issues

As I've been reading in Deuteronomy the clear message is God calling for the Israelites to love Him. 

Yes, he asks for obedience, and implied in that is our praise and worship,  but for me the stronger message is He desires our love.
Obedience is an outcome of love.  Our desire to please the loved one.

God's blessings were upon the promised land.  It was fertile.  It almost seemed like Eden in it's rich land, with plenty rain, the early rain, and the latter rain. 

A contrast is drawn with Egypt.  Hard work and irrigation was necessary to grow life giving food there.

We see today that now Israel has to irrigate their land to make it green and productive.  Today, much of Israel is barren if the pictures are anything to go by.  What I see in this is that truly we are having global issues.  Not global warming as some believe, but global evil.  Man's sin has polluted the land - not our animals' manure, not our burning of Oil and gas.  It is our murder, and immorality, and worship of anything but God.

There are global consequences of sin, and in that aspect it is a human issue.  God is calling for repentance - first in the lives of His own children - that we might again become salt and light to the world.  The work must first begin in me. 

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