Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Yes Lord

It hurt so much - to be told that the new music I'm introducing in the service is not what the congregation likes.  That the fact after several weeks of having it in the song list, they have not entered into singing is because they don't like it. 

It made me "feel" that what I am bringing to the worship is worthless.  My immediate response was "Okay, then find someone else to  play the music and bring what is acceptable".  A huge feel sorry for myself attitude erupting like a toxic volcano.

But in the midst of the hurt and growing bad attitude I hear a still small voice - almost unheard  in my rant of self pity 

"Who cares?" 
Then I hear   "I care.  You have my love.  Your value isn't in the praise of others,  Your value is because I love you.  Know that whatever you give out of a heart of praise and worship is my delight."

"But" that quiet voice in my heart continues, "If it is important to you to be "exalted" in your service to me, that is service to your kingdom.  I love you no matter what, but look in your heart.  Is your service in the body to me or about yourself.   If the new songs you love doesn't resonate in their hearts, then make the music about songs the body can respond to joyfully.    The real purpose of this time set aside to sing is to lift up your hearts in corporate praise to rejoice and worship me."

"I love your songs and worship.  Thank you.  But in the body - cherish the body worship.  All the specific songs sung in a service my be forgotten, but where worship of me is present, that will be where the congregation finds their strength throughout the ongoing days."

So, I ask you Galilee, will my love for your offering of worship be sufficient?  I accept your time playing and singing on your own with joy.  Will you be a vessel in the body, not of your own importance, but being available to play the music of praise and worship that  the congregation will enter  into with a full heart.

Yes Lord. Thank you for the joy of allowing me to be a part of the body worshiping you.  

And so, I step out of the quick sand of self pity onto the Rock,  and find myself in the Fortress of his love.  A fortress that surrounds me completely and keeps me secure, delivered, and strengthened. Psalms 18:2a

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