Thursday, September 18, 2014

A bit more on Wisdom

Proverbs 7 speaks of lack of wisdom being a factor in our falling into the wiles of an adulterous woman.   The wiles of an adulterous woman are many, not just a physical relationship with a specific woman.

I see these wiles as being  all things we seek in our lives  to gain some kind of instant fulfillment, instant satisfaction or  instant pleasure apart from God.  Even things  that are  not wrong if they function properly.  i.e. eating  or  faithfulness.

There are also those things we do just because it is our desire, excusing it as:   A little won't hurt, or: I want it now.  Anything that seeks to fill  that huge hollow place in our lives by a means that is against God's best plan set out for our lives.    That crater was caused when we choose to go our own way, ans walk in  independence from God.   It is called sin and it stands between us and God and His way - righteousness, peace and joy.  Sorta of like the manufacture of a car has guidelines to get the best use of that car.  God gave us a  manufactures  handbook, the Bible  that we can know God's heart.

The amazing thing is God so loved us he sent his own son to die, and take on himself our sin,  to cleanse us from our sin.   He became the doorway when he shed his blood and we have forgiveness of our sins when we enter in.   He even  comes to the door of our hearts and knocks and all we have to do is open that door.   He does everything, He made the sacrifice, He seeks us.  He knocks on our hearts door and when we invite him in He gives us the right to enter into the inner chamber directly into the presence of  God.  We go into his presence by the Blood of our LORD Jesus Christ. And there we have access to Him and His Wisdom.

LORD,  Thank you for making all we need available. I desire to  walk in your truth

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