Saturday, September 6, 2014

This picture makes my heart rejoice in the beauty the LORD has given.
Thank you LORD for the many avenues of praise and worship.  We are not left wondering what we have, as mankind, to give to the LORD.   One of the Psalms I love so deeply because of it's rich options is Psalm 150.

Praise the LORD  

In His Sanctuary -  a physical place set aside to worship.    I also see that place 
is within my own heart where ever I am
In His mighty heavens  - I see this that there is no place where we cannot 
worship Him.
For His mighty deeds - both past as revealed in scripture, and in our                 in our own lives  daily.
According to His excellent greatness - because who he is calls forth our praise.

Some ways to worship are given:

Trumpet; lute; harp, tambourine, dance; strings; pipe; cymbals;
Cymbals emphasized as Loud, Clashing Cymbals.
Finally, if we have breath - use that breath to PRAISE THE LORD
These all utilize music in one form or another.

There are other ways given to offer praise.
Raising our hands - Psalm 63:4; 
Bowing down prone before the LORD - Psalm 66:4; 
Leaping - Acts 3:8; 
Shouting- Psalm 98:4; 
Whispering/ meditation - Psalm 1:2;  
In our thoughts, and on our tongue - Psalm 145:5; 
Singing - Psalm 47;6,  
And how we live - 1 Peter 2:9.

We are shown in the Word of God that we can praise our creator, Savior and living God with our whole being.  PRAISE the LORD

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