Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Thank you for the gift of imagination.

Thank you for the gift of imagination.  We can use our imaginations righteously.  I come to this because of two things.   The Hebrew language is  a picture language.  In English we have many picture words also, but we tend to think more in concepts I think.  I don't know about those who speak Hebrew but I find picturing things helps.   

Some of my pictures of God are drawn from my own personal memories but we don't all have good memories of Fathers to aid us in picturing God as a father.    I did for which I am deeply thankful but even so, the pictures I call up and find comfort in, are those of the LORD as my Father and are more from my imagination rather than from memories.  

 My most comforting imagination is that I am curled up in the arms of the LORD, with my head under his chin and snuggled in to be comforted when I'm afraid or downhearted or hurt.  

A powerful comforting imagination is  also that of the LORD sitting beside me as I go to sleep, my murmuring love to him and feeling his love for me his daughter.  

I sometimes imagine us laughing together, or maybe more of a chuckle.  

I also imagine his love shown in a time of discipline.  The discipline is there but I imagine him showing me where I had sinned and his heart about that sin.  Then I felt his loving call to repent. His loved fills my heart as I see anew the price he has paid for my sin.  It makes me want to walk in His ways, and turn away from mine.  His  love makes me desire to yield and obey.  So LORD, I thank you. I love you so much.  

There are no verses on this concept but maybe it can be seen in the verses that show the LORD knows all the thoughts and intents of our hearts.  He is our ever present LORD, not a LORD afar off.  

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