Monday, March 14, 2016

Christ without sin

Yes, Christ was/is the beloved begotten (born) son of God, in the human race through the body of woman carrying the divine seed of God.  I often have thought it must have been easier to do the will of His Father than it is for us because HE was himself divine.  

However, the scripture clearly states Christ was tempted/tested in EVERY way, as we are.  That means tempted to use his divine power to act independently of the Father.  That is the real sin of mankind. 

That means Christ was tempted by all the sins that tempt us.  Those sins we excuse as "I'm just human" or unimportant in the scheme of life,  to what we consider "hard core evil"  such as murder and the other BIG sins in our minds.  Jesus faced everyone of those temptations but in submission to the Father's will did not sin.   

We still tend to believe it was easy for him because he was divine.  In fact I believe that extra power could make the temptation harder to resist. We need to realize in fact Christ's whole life on earth was as a man learning obedience by the things he suffered.   And in Christ we too can learn obedience.   

Our big problem is we think some of our sins are justifiable because we were provoked or not really sin - just an exercise of our freedom.   Christ too faced those issues yet yielded to the will of the Father.  And in Christ so can I.

Yes, I still sin but Christ died for that sin and the closer I walk with him the more He will make me aware of what is sin and his power to overcome.   LORD, I cry out to walk in you and obedience to you.  
                          I LOVE YOU LORD.          

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