Sunday, March 13, 2016

Stand in AWE of the LORD Jesus Christ

Nuggets from a series of messages from my favorite minister.

What we find awe in, defines our lives.

We find awe in those things that  occupies our attention and interest the most.  That which gives us meaning.  Say music or sports or work.

We are wired to be in awe and when we lose our awe of God we will be diminished in our lives.

Awe of God needs to be recovered in the lives of believers today

God is Righteous
God demands righteousness
Man has no righteousness
Righteousness from God has been revealed in Jesus Christ and it is given to us in faith.

Righteousness - declaration of righteousness
Righteousness imparted - part of our growth

God places us on a workbench - it is in him, through him and by him that we are made holy.

Faith has no merit of it's own.  It is the 'delivery vehicle' of God's gift of his righteousness to us.  It is our 'access' by faith into grace in which we stand'.

The faith is not generated in us by our own efforts and striving but is the vehicle
by which God carries his righteousness to us.  All is given to us by God.

This faith brings benefits.

1.  Rejoice in the hope of God's glory
2.  Rejoice in our tribulations / sufferings as found in Romans 5:3.

When I am in awe of God in my sufferings it will change the suffering  and overwhelm my fear of the negative circumstance.   It brings endurance, character, hope  (Romans 5:3-5)

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