Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Study to shew yourself approved unto God ....... II Timothy 2:15

Even as the people of Israel in Jesus time had the idea of the Messiah's coming and his purpose in coming wrong and so they misread his actions and deeds are there ways I and maybe even the body of Christ today may be misreading the signs and scripture today -  according to a wrong view.  Maybe a wrong interpretation of the Scripture or understanding it in light of the today's world view of Christ.

I don't know.  It is clear today from the body of Scripture give to us the fuller truth of Christ's coming, death and resurrection but I am of the mind I need to be sure I am not interpreting it         according to my own taste and viewpoint.

The disciples walked with the LORD  and  missed it completely, even misunderstood clear words spoken to them - until his resurrection and some further instruction and teaching.   And yes, we have been blessed by their words and teaching under the power and inspiration of God.

But, I keep remembering that even with all that some of even the disciples went astray in some areas and that in a further 100 years major problems and corrupted doctrines arose.  I don't have any specific issue in mind within the evangelical community but I do know we have rifts and church clashes today over doctrinal understanding.

So I cry out to you LORD Jesus Christ open the eyes and hearts of we your children to learn of you your will and purpose and desire in our own lives and in your body and make your body a lighthouse in the world today.  We need you!!

Thank you that you have promised to never leave us or forsake us - to keep us and lead our lives.  Oh LORD that we may be faithful.

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